An Apple and a Can of Tuna?

topic posted Wed, August 3, 2005 - 2:11 PM by  Paul
Hey Guys:

I'm someone who actually wants to change the fundamental shape of his body. I've been thinner before but my muscle mass makes wearing a pair of 501's impossible because my thighs are bigger than the comfortable waist size of said cut.

Seeing the dramatic change Christian Bale accomplished with a can of tuna and an apple every day gets me thinking that I could achieve similar results. What I need to know from you guys is how to limit the depletion of muscle. Is moving every day (12 mile walk/run and a workout) going to stave off ketosis on the muscles I use or is there something wrong with my theory? I am aiming to rebuild myself. I see no other way for a poor person who can't afford a nutritionist and a trainer and healthy food to accomplish this.

I'm thinking a three month time frame should be sufficient to drop a good dent in the weight I want to lose. After that I'll probably be so sick of tuna I'll puke at the thought of it. I will be supplementing with a multivitamin but not much else.

When I had cash I had a nutritionist tell me I'd lose on a 3k calorie intake (I'm really a big guy) but having tried to afford that was hell. That's really a gang of food if you're doing healthy stuff.

I am desperate to drop the weight and change my shape and I figure this is less damaging than tweaking (which isn't an option). Constructive advice with the idea that I'm going to do this is encouraged and welcome.


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    Re: An Apple and a Can of Tuna?

    Wed, August 3, 2005 - 2:46 PM
    You are trying to lose fat AND muscle (unusual), correct?
    Just diet and don't lift weights, that muscle will run away like its being chased. Keep protein intake moderate to low to further enhance muscle catabolism.

    If you're really starving yourself you will want to suppliment EFAs. Theres a little in canned tuna, but not enough. Get some fish oil from the sto' and munch 6 capsules a day. You may encounter a variety of maladies should you not get these oils.

    I reccomend you don't crash diet, but do a regular sort of diet without the muscle preserving aspects, such as weights and high protien. Excersise is still good for you, so ramp up the cardio. If you really drop weight fast, you'll be unable to perform very well.

    If you're really a big dude you'll freakin feel like dying on Bale's alleged diet. Tip: famous people's published diets and workouts are usually (not always) tools for self promotion. The repeated publishing of Bale's alleged diet and weight, etc. was just to get you to see that movie.
    Its like football players. FB players stats are routinely inflated by 2 inches and 20 lbs. Hell, maybe more.

    > stave off ketosis on the muscles I use
    This makes no sense. Did you mean stave off atrophy? I'm confused.
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      Wed, August 3, 2005 - 7:44 PM
      I read a while back that ketosis is when your body eats itself. My dictionary says, "ketosis: a condition characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body, associated with abnormal fat metabolism and diabetes mellitus." I may have used it incorrectly as I thought it was what it meant when your body at muscle tissue, not fat (though that may be considered abnormal).

      It is correct that I want to lose muscle as well. I do not find the massive body appealing and I had no desire to be "big burly man." I don't care if it's muscle, fat, or both. I like thin and lean and that's what I want to be.

      Based on what I've seen of Bale's body and what I knew of it before I believe it is possible to change my body. I'm not under the impression that I'll be able to change my diet back to whatever I want to eat when I hit my target weight or near it, I know better than that. This would be something I'll have to manage for the rest of my life or I'll end up being 500 pounds (I know this can backfire).

      According to the BMI I am one point from morbidly obese. That is a repulsive reality. Most people would describe me as average. The problem I have is that I know better. I know where I should be and I know where I am. I see myself more like fat bastard as a consequence. One point more and I qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Not a pretty solution. Not at all.

      It all boils down to the simple fact that I'm tired of being overlooked for opportunities. I've been thinner and "hot" so I know what I'm missing. Anyone who tells you otherwise has their head in the sand. Getting favor is all about looks, keeping it is all about personality. Without both attributes, doors are either closed when you get there or they close in your face. I'm tired of finding doors closed before I get there.

      By the way, I don't lift weights and I still have a good deal of muscle mass. A really good deal of it. I usually feel starved if I don't get about 3/4 pound of meat per day. It doesn't matter if it's fish, chicken, beef, or pig, as long as it's meat. I prefer to break that up over a couple meals but when I'm ravenous it's frequently consumed in a single sitting (with about a 1/4 pound more).

      My fitness involves walking several miles per day, crunches, and inclined push ups (because I really don't want to build) and I still find I'm building. I feel like a freak of nature because I seem to be the only man on the planet who doesn't want the gargantuan muscles.

      Alleged diet or not it's simple and cheap. Malnourishment will change my body, for better or worse, it will change.

      Thanks for the replies.

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        Re: An Apple and a Can of Tuna?

        Thu, August 4, 2005 - 3:24 PM
        Righto. The word you want is "catobolism". Ketosis is a state the body gets into when it runs out of carbs and starts trying to run its basic functions on acetone (yes, nail polish remover) that it makes from fat.

        So you want calorie restriction to lose weight. So you start from the essentials you need to survive and add to that.

        To keep on living you baisically only need air, water, Essential Fatty Acids, some protien, and a goodly assortment of vitamins and minerals. EFA's are fats your body can't make on its own and needs to get them from the diet. for their own utility and to make other fats for organ structure. EFA's are in their highest quantities in nuts and fish, but are present in lots of foods. Proteins are all also essential and are highest in legumes and meats. Your vitamins and minerals are found in vegetables and meats and nuts.

        Try eating a diet that works out to about 10-12 times your current bodyweight in calories. At the core put some EFAs, protien and lots of leafy greens and brightly colored non-starchy vegetables. Add some other helpful oils like vegetable oils (not too much, very calorically dense) and then if you've extra calories to spare throw some carbs like breads and crackers and pasta on top of that.

        To lose musle & fat start with a diet of 9-12 times your current bodyweight in calories. 1/2 your bodyweight in grams of protein, lots of non-carby veggies, some fish oil capsules for health, a multivitamin sure wouldn't hurt and the rest in monounsaturated (veggie) oils (nuts? dressing?) and then some carbs.

        Get some excercise, Excercise will help keep you on your diet and contribute a bunch to burning calories. But start slow if you're really out of shape. You can't exercise at all if you're injured or dead from heart attack.

        Weight yourself once a week. When you first start your diet you may drop 10-15 lbs of water weight in just a week or two. Ignore that, its not lost tissue, its not progress. After inital water loss if you're losing a pound a week or more (obese people may be able to lose a lot), you're on track. Otherwise, reduce calories by like 500cals a day. Repeat weighing. Keep a log.

        I find counting out the calories in some sample meals and sticking roughly to that to be very helpful. Other people just guess a lot, drink water instead of snacking and make sure they feel a little hungry all the time. Whatever works for you. You can tell if you're making progress and what sort of progress you're making from your log.

        Little skinny guys who 'can't gain no matter what they do' take note of T7. He freakin' eats.

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